We try and make the building process as seamless as possible by adhering to the following process:


Initial Consultation

Meet on site or at the Scott Build Pty Ltd office to discuss your preliminary concept or plan/s and budget.


Estimate and Quoting

We’ll provide you with a detailed quote that takes into account your budget and requirements as noted in the initial consultation.


Contract and Selection Process

Once you’ve approved the quotation and given us confirmation to build, you will then be required to complete a NSW HIA Standard Contract.

We’ll provide you with selection sheets for you to complete which creates a simple and smooth building process for all parties involved.



Once approval from Council is received, construction will commence. The Scott Build Pty Ltd team will be making regular site visits and will be in contact with you frequently during every stage of the building process.



After the construction of your home is complete, our head builder Sam will meet with you personally on site to present you with your keys and any necessary manuals.